Photo roll

Yesterday, Doug and I printed almost a year’s worth of photos from our digital camera.  And as I was putting them into the album this afternoon, I was made keenly aware of how full my life is.

Now represented in our photo album are two trips to the zoo, five (photographed) trips to Disneyland, a few hikes, a few long bike rides, a few breweries, an afternoon at the Carlsbad Flower Fields, a Charger game, two weddings, a weekend in Santa Barbara, and our most recent trip to Texas and Virginia.  Less exciting, but equally telling, are photos of us organizing our wine “cellar,” photos of me working on Doug’s stocking, portraits of the rabbits, and a shot of Doug sleeping, cuddling with a football.

So this is my life.  There’s no baby in it; there’s no diamond ring.  But there is a lot of living going on, a lot of memories being made.  There’s more than I usually give myself credit for.

And seeing all that has made me want to document my current life even more thoroughly.  On Thanksgiving, we’ll be hitting three houses: Doug’s dad’s, my parents’, Doug’s mom’s.  Why not get photos of each family, each spread, and the quality time we’ll be spending together in the car?  Tomorrow, like every Sunday, we’re going to Doug’s aunt and uncle’s house to watch football – why not catch those moments on film?  Why put the camera on hold and wait for something exciting, like a vacation, when living is exciting, just the way it is, every single day?

Today I am grateful
to have seen the proof
that my life is beautiful.

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