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Three years ago, I made a list of resolutions summed up by the following: “2008 will not suck in the manner of 2007.” Two years ago, I made a similar list and ended it with, “2009 will not suck in … Continue reading

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Put a cap on it

Since my most recent post bitching about my IUD (because there have been several), I’ve received much unsolicited advice and done a lot of thinking on the subject.  The advice is all coming from people who can relate to my … Continue reading

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I don’t know

The other day, my mom clipped out an article – actually, an advice column – for me, headlined, “The special recipe for finding a chance at happily ever after.”  She likes to give me these tips on how to make … Continue reading

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Sibling rivalry

Another thing contributing to my sense of imbalance lately is my brother, and his relationship with his girlfriend. For the first time, like, ever, my brother Joey has a girlfriend whom he likes enough to actually show affection to in … Continue reading

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Something is not quite right here. As of this evening, there’s a strange Ukrainian girl living in my childhood bedroom.  She’s only there for a few months, and is going to pay a few hundred a month in rent, which … Continue reading

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My stupid birth control

This is going to be one of those posts that may contain too much personal information for some of my readers – and not in a sexy way either. I’ve mentioned before that I am not a great producer of … Continue reading

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Last Christmas, first Christmas

This is the third Christmas since my miscarriage.  And I never really felt the loss in relation to the holiday, didn’t spend that first Christmas thinking I should be pregnant, or the second thinking I should have a baby, and … Continue reading

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