Redefining perfect

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I was hoping for a perfect, romantic, Christmas-y day at Disneyland.  I had laid out, if only to myself, guidelines for us for the day: we were going to do everything Christmas – the shopping, the rides (Small World & Haunted Mansion), the parade, the fireworks; we were not going to spend time going on the rides that we always go on, and we were certainly not going to go on Indiana Jones, which is my least favorite of the rides that we always go on; we were going to be cuddly and lovey all day long; we were going to take lots of pictures; it was going to be perfect.

So here’s what really happened: we met up with Yumi and Kyle, ducked into a shop so Kyle could get a Disney t-shirt (he was feeling left out), and then headed straight for Indiana Jones to get a fast pass.  We went on the Mansion, and then the boys decided it would be a good idea to go on Splash Mountain as well, since the wait was only 10 minutes, since it was a cold and drizzly day.  They got soaked; Yumi and I cowered behind them and stayed dry.  We got lunch.  We searched for hidden Mickeys and other park secrets, and for the first time ever, I saw the hidden Eeyore in the line for Indiana Jones.  (This does not change the fact that it’s my least favorite ride.  Or, maybe my least favorite besides Splash Mountain on cold and drizzly days.)  We watched the parade.  We went on a few more rides, then got limited-time holiday tamales at the Mexican place, where we met up with another couple of friends who were coincidentally also at the park yesterday.  We watched the fireworks.  Yumi and Kyle went home, and we stayed with the other friends, went on Peter Pan, watched Fantasmic, took some pictures, and did some shopping.

It was not the perfect, singularly focused, romantic day I had planned.  More often than not, we weren’t cuddling, because we were too busy talking to our friends.  But it was a full day, and, technically, I did get to do everything I’d wanted to do and more.  And so, once again, I’ve been reminded that life doesn’t always work out exactly the way we write it.  But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work out somehow.  And the sooner we can accept that and stop mourning the loss of our own original expectations, the better.

For your viewing pleasure:

“Whoever thought it was a good idea to go on Splash Mountain, hang your heads in shame!”

Doug snuck away from our dinner table to buy me this dessert, in a reusable ceramic mug.  When he got back, Kyle scolded him, “Dude, why didn’t you tell me?  Now I’m gonna look bad!”  And sure enough, when Yumi then came back from the bathroom and saw it, she immediately turned to Kyle and asked, “Where’s mine?!”

I’ve been wanting to get a picture like this for four Christmases now – and we’ve tried in past years, but the light/shadow effects have never quite worked right until this time.  Which just goes to show that dreams really do come true.  Sometimes you just have to wait a while.

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6 Responses to Redefining perfect

  1. Dawn says:

    Love 🙂 ❤

  2. Arohanui says:

    Yum, that desert does look interesting…

    I have awarded you a Cherry on Top, have you had one before? If not just check out my latest post for details 🙂

  3. Amanda says:

    Yay! I miss Disneyland. Love the picture of you and Doug by Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Good stuff!!

  4. Jason says:

    What a great picture, the guy who took it must have mad skillz 🙂

  5. runnyyolk says:

    I guess that’s a great lesson to remember. Can I say how jealous I am that you can just go to Disneyland whenever you want to?

    PS-I love that your friends say “my Asian girlfriend.”

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