Greeting cards

I started this project with one framed greeting card on my desk.  It’s a photo of a girl sitting on the beach with her back to us, between two palm trees, looking contemplatively, maybe even a little sadly, out at the setting sun.  Beneath the photo is a quote from author Zora Neale Hurston:

There are years that ask the questions
and years that answer.

I figured, when I got the card for myself and framed it, that it would be a good reminder, during moments of impatient self-doubt, that although I’ve found myself asking “why?” and “how?” and “when?” for the past few years, there will come a time when everything will fall into place, and it will all begin to make sense.

I planned on writing about this card much sooner; I planned on delving into its meaning much more deeply; I planned on dedicating a whole post to it, really.  But – perhaps ironically – I never got around to it.  Maybe, subconsciously, I was waiting for its prophecy to be fulfilled before I tackled it.

Then today, a woman came through my line buying, amongst her groceries, three copies of a card I’d never seen before.  (Our selection is small, but we get new ones all the time, and they’re designed by individual artists, so they’re always unique, and sometimes silly.)  And whenever I see someone buying something in bulk, I figure it’s worth a second look.

This card has an illustration of a rather plain looking woman with a simple pair of wings.  Her brown-and-denim shift dress is covered with messages in all different fonts, so that it looks a bit like a ransom note.  As I glanced at the card, the phrase, “wear more skirts” caught my eye.  The longer I looked, the more I read, the more I could feel my soul leaping in recognition.  It was as though the artist had been channeling me when she designed her card.

“I can see why you’re getting three of these,” I told my customer.  “But I really hope you saved one for me.”

She assured me that there were still plenty on the shelf, then admitted that, while two copies were to send to friends, one is for herself, to frame and keep.  I told her I would soon be doing the same, offering this humble angel pride of place next to my girl on the beach.

The message on my new card is written as follows (but in more varied, prettier fonts):



believe in healing

honor your intuition

take the journey back to your Self

wear more skirts       begin today


do the thing you didn’t think you could

quiet the inner critic

And once again, my soul cries out, “Yes!”

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7 Responses to Greeting cards

  1. Stephanie says:

    Why does this post make me cry? Was this card made for me as well?

  2. Arohanui says:

    I love that card! I am currently taking the journey back to my Self.

  3. runnyyolk says:

    Love that! Particularly the wearing more skirts and silencing my inner critic parts.

  4. Marie says:

    Anyone that wants a copy, let me know. I’d be happy to buy out the stock and send them all over the world 🙂

    • Arohanui says:

      I would love one! Can you post the card’s details and I’ll check if it’s available in NZ first. (Would be ironic if you sent it all the way from US and it was down at my local shop).

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