Sunday pout-fest

I am sitting here pouting and eating all the peanut M&Ms, because Doug just left to go to Target, and I’ve been given the next 40 minutes to “do my blog and get ready to leave.”  (We’re going up to his mom’s house tonight, to have dinner for his sister’s birthday, which was like three weeks ago.)

It’s a beautiful day out, and I love Target.  I wanted to go too, even if he is just making a quick stop to exchange a pair of sunglasses and look at vacuum cleaners.  But if I don’t write now, I’ll have to do it after we get back, which probably won’t be much before 10.  And since I’m already tired, I know I won’t want to attempt to string together coherent sentences eight hours from now.  Sometimes, I really hate this project.

Some things on my mind today, since I don’t have an idea for one cohesive post:

  • I haven’t seen my pregnant friend since she told me she was pregnant.  She and her husband used to come into my work on weekend mornings pretty regularly, so this morning, I kept looking up from my register, hoping I’d see them waiting in my line.  No luck.  Realistically, I think if I did see her, I would hug her and just start to cry.  But I feel like they would be emotional, I-love-you tears, rather than sad, you’re-pregnant-and-I’m-not tears.  And I really do want to see her.
  • Last night, as we were climbing into bed, I casually asked Doug if he wanted to have sex.  He reminded me that we can’t have sex while I have a UTI, and that last time this happened to me (three years ago), we had to wait a week.  I had no recollection of that – maybe a day, I thought, until it stopped hurting – so I made him get up and google it.  Sure enough, he came back and told me sadly that most sites recommend waiting “until you’ve finished the full course of antibiotics.”  In other words, a week.  This makes me want to curse and hit things; I should be the only one allowed to decide when we don’t have sex around here.
  • This month, I’m participating in a thing called “International Comment Leaving Week” for the first time.  The idea is that you leave a bunch of comments on other people’s blogs, and also get a bunch of comments left on your blog.  End result: new blogs to read, new people to read your blog.  I’m finding it kind of stressful.  There are literally hundreds of people participating, so I’m looking through all these blogs I know nothing about, trying to leave meaningful and/or witty comments, and it gets to the point where I can’t even remember who said what or where I’ve been.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong.
  • I’ve been seeing a lot of pregnant women wearing horizontal stripes lately.  Can someone please tell me why the maternity clothing companies think this is a good idea?

I’d better stop there, before I go into my whole list of rants on things pregnant women do specifically to annoy me.  Also because my 40 minutes is up, and I am definitely still in my work clothes.  (Doug’s sister really likes Twilight, so I guess we’re supposed to dress vaguely goth…  Which is going to prove difficult, since I left all my goth clothes in my parents’ garage and/or the year 2000.  I tried to get my brothers to come dressed as Edward and Jacob – you know, as entertainment – but couldn’t get either to agree.)

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16 Responses to Sunday pout-fest

  1. Sara says:

    I think that dressing like Jacob means not wearing a shirt. In that case, I totally understand not wanting to dress like Jacob.

  2. Elphaba says:

    The weirdest part of this post is that I just wasted my whole afternoon because I discovered Twilight was on TV.

  3. evan g says:

    Martin could totally pull off a jacob, but i think joey is more of a jasper

    • slcurwin says:

      Does Joey have a painfully constipated look on his face? lol, sorry, I just think that the actor could have done a much better job of that.

    • Marie says:

      Joey was Edward for Halloween. There are pictures on facebook somewhere. He just wore a black button-up shirt, sucked in his cheeks, and pouted all night, and it worked because he’s skinny and pale.

      Which one’s Jasper? The one who looks like a chick?

  4. slcurwin says:

    In grade 12 I had a friend ask me why I wasn’t goth anymore and I had to try and figure out why he thought I was in the first place. I just hadn’t discovered a liking for colorful clothes until then.

    Now I want a twilight party. mmmmjacob (character not actor).

  5. bodegabliss says:

    You know what? I’ve found it more stressful than I thought it was going to be! Actually, I really didn’t think it would be stressful at all. Gah!

    Hope you had fun. And damn…I’m sad I missed Twilight on TV yesterday!

  6. mommyodyssey says:

    Don’t be overwhelmed by ICLW – I’m new to it this month too and what I did was use it as a way to find a few new blogs to follow, and sticking to leaving comments there. Any other way I would be going a bit insane as well. Next month I’ll add a couple more, and so forth. Otherwise it would be utter insanity, no?
    mmm…. Peanut M&Ms

  7. Arohanui says:

    “I should be the only one allowed to decide when we don’t have sex around here.” LMAO! Amen to that!

    I know what you mean about ICLW. I did it last month and found it very stressful trying to remember whose blog I had read and commented on and whether or not I had returned people’s comments after they had visited my blog…Still, I may do it again next month, because now I just feel left out.

    I don’t know how you manage to blog daily Marie. I remain impressed.

  8. Cattiz J says:

    I’m also doing the ICLW for the first time. It’s fun but quite overwhelming to learn about all those stories out there. It’s a whole new world to enter.

  9. Monique says:

    I’m also doing ICLW for the first time and agree, it is a little stressful! I find myself at a loss a majority of the time, don’t know what to say. I’m having more of a problem keeping up with the comments on my blog, I’m not used to having so many. But I think I’ll get there, I’ll participate again for sure! 🙂

  10. Saundra says:

    I am a veteran of UTIs and I only wait a day to reconsummate my relationship — pretty much 24 hours after it stops hurting so bad.

  11. Shannon says:

    Oh, it is stressful – especially because half the time I read a blog, love it, and can’t think of anything to say. Or get distracted and forget to leave a comment. LOL But I have also loved the chance to read a lot of blogs I would have never seen otherwise, like yours.

    I’m a doctor, and I’ve never heard of having to wait until after finishing antibiotics to have sex. Of course, I don’t treat UTIs these days, but I used to!

    And horizontal stripes on a pregnant woman? Definitely a bad idea!

  12. Yumi says:

    Taylor Lautner (the guy who plays Jacob) is the highest paid teen actor at 8 figures a movie. I’d run around shirtless for that much…

    P.S. Horizontal stripes are “in” right now and don’t really look good on regular sized, non rail thin people, let alone pregnant women. I wear horizontal striped bikini tops to make my boobs look less concaved…

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