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Something in the water

When I started this blog, I told myself I was doing something better than blogging: “blogging,” in my life thus far, had been me filling out memes and surveys, dropping cryptic hints to friends who I hoped would see them … Continue reading

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Give me your money.

A while back, I promised here that I would one day share my most embarrassing moment, then ask for donations to a worthy cause.  Today is that day. On February 27th, 1998 – thirteen years ago today – my youngest brother, … Continue reading

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Unsent Letter #4

When I was at my parents’ house last night, my mom pulled a little yellow envelope out of a pile of mail on the counter.  She’d had it hidden there, and was waiting to open it until after my brother … Continue reading

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Although an occasional slamming can be fun…

Today, I called the psychic and made an appointment for myself and Carrie on Saturday, March 12th.  Check. Then I called the vet and scheduled checkups for all four rabbits this Thursday morning.  Check. That was enough phone productivity for … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the energy bar

So the other day, my therapist suggested I listen to my energy.  The problem is that I think my energy is on strike. Basically, lately, I want to do nothing.  I go to work because they pay me to go, … Continue reading

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Connect the dots

I feel like story-telling today, as opposed to my other options (writing unsent letters, exploring my energy, etc).  So I’m going to tell the story of how my obsession with a gym class is responsible for my relationship with Doug. Two … Continue reading

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Left off

“I have this friend who says that she just does whatever her energy tells her to do – whether it’s paint a table or work at a non-profit – until the energy for that particular thing stops.  Then she waits for her … Continue reading

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