So last Sunday it was the boys doing the Century Club, and today, it was me and a girlfriend drinking a pitcher of Beeritas (Corona + tequila + limeade concentrate) during the Superbowl.

Which isn’t to say that we got wasted – we got tipsy, and maintained the buzz throughout the game.  We sat in the back corner of the room, gossiping during the football and intently watching the commercials.  We ate hotdogs and mini tacos with way too much sour cream, and plotted girly sleepovers and Hawaii vacations.  When the ad for the “new” singing competition show, The X-Factor,* came on, I confessed my love for Simon Cowell.

For a few hours tonight, I remembered what it felt like to be young and carefree and girly (it’s been months since I last drank with anyone other than Doug and/or my family).  Tonight, I talked about my ex as though he were just another asshole I dated once, instead of someone to whom I’d given my hand and several years of my young life.  At one point, I actually thought, We should get some girls together and go party in Vegas!  I haven’t been to Vegas since I was 16, and not allowed to be out on the streets after 9 p.m., let alone gamble/drink/party, and I’ve never really had the desire to go.  But now, at 28-and-a-half, with only a few years of unmarried/child-free life ahead of me, it sounds like a pretty good idea after all.

So if you don’t mind, I’m going to continue giving in to this side of myself tonight: instead of writing a long post wherein I contemplate my life, analyze my past, and try to predict my future, I’m just going to quit now while I’m ahead, eat a cupcake left over from Lilly’s birthday, take a bubble bath, and have sex with my boyfriend before going to bed.

I’m only 28-and-a-half, for crying out loud.  No need to give up on my youth just yet.

*Not actually new, just new to this side of the pond.  I used to watch this show when I lived in the UK.  It’s way better than Idol – I promise.

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9 Responses to Indulgence

  1. Amanda says:

    Remember our sign??? ” Screw Clay!!!! I’m Aiken for SIMON!!”

  2. curlyqginger says:

    I loooove X-Factor!!! SO much better than Idol.

  3. Melissa says:

    Yay for Beeritas!! And Hawaii vacations and girly sleep overs. Oh, and Vegas…I’m going to say yay for Vegas because that just seems awesome 🙂

  4. Arohanui says:

    Girls trip to Vegas sounds like a brilliant idea!

  5. mommyodyssey says:

    Yay Xfactor! And cupcakes! And Vegas! (I looooove Vegas. You should totally get your butt over there. And hotels are really affordable there these days. Hit me up if you want some partying tips!)

  6. Elphaba says:

    You definitely haven’t lost your youth yet! Vegas and girls trips and drinking sound like all the right things for you to do right now.

  7. slcurwin says:

    I’m 28-and-a-half too! Where the frig did my youth go?! thanks for reminding me, I need to work on that. Vegas would be nice. the only places I’ve been in the states are hawaii and a Denny’s in LA where I notice (accidentally out loud) “I’m still the only white person” and then they all laughed at me “You aint from around here”. Didn’t help I was wearing purple fisherman pants and a a red tank top with florecent hand print on the boobs.

  8. bodegabliss says:

    What that beer/tequila/limeade good? I’ve often wondered about that, but I don’t know if I can do it.

    And yes to Vegas!

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