June 2000

I’m apologizing ahead of time if this column doesn’t have much of a “point.”  After all, it’s hard to make a point when you know you have to say goodbye.

I still remember one girly sleepover the summer before my freshman year.  One of my friends told me that she “could never see (me) as an upperclassman.”  I was so horribly offended that I vowed to never forget that insult – I would throw it back in her face on graduation day.

Well, graduation day is fast approaching, but I guess after reading this column for the past two years, that friend knows that I’m not offended anymore.  She couldn’t have been more right.  Now I’m proud to say that part of me will always be a sophomore.

Writing “Both Sides of the Mushroom” has been such an eye-opening experience for me.  It gave me a voice in a school of thousands.  People I’d never met before have approached me after recognizing my name.  I’ve received comments (both good and bad) on my life and my writing from all reaches of the TPHS community.  I’d like to recognize a few of those comments:

My elementary school rival once complimented my column to a mutual friend.  He doesn’t know that friend told me, but she did.  So to that rival, I’m sorry we grew apart over the years.  I miss arguing with you.

My friend’s sister, even though she doesn’t go to this school, never fails to tell me how much she enjoys reading my column.  She is the one person (other than my parents) who I’ve been able to call a “loyal fan.”  Thanks Gill.

I heard of a mother who forced her children to read one of my columns so that they could learn something from it.  I’m honored, but the best teacher will always be life experience.

And one very prominent politician, whom I’ve known since he was no more than an obnoxious ten-year-old, has continuously asked to be mentioned in my column.  I love you, Henry.

To the rest of you out there, I want to leave you with this message: have fun no matter what you do; trust your first instinct in any situation; and always remember who you are – if you paint white roses red, the Queen of Hearts will have your head.


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