May 1999

Now that all the prom hype has dissipated, it’s time  to reflect on whether or not it was really worth the trouble.  And might I mention at this time that I didn’t go.

While all my girlfriends were deviously plotting on how they could get Mr. Right (or Mr. Nice Guy or Mr. Filthy Rich or Mr. Lab Partner or Mr. Absolutely Anyone) to ask them, I was contemplating the lack of guys who I actually wanted to go with.  My closest guy friends happen to be sophomores, and, although I could’ve taken one of them, I really didn’t care to spend the money.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wanted to go.  It is, after all, every girl’s dream to have flowers and a pizza delivered to her in her English class, or for her name and “Prom ’99?” to be displayed on the scoreboard at a Padre game…

But to me, it’s not worth it to show how desperate one can be, all for the sake of one evening.  My friends and I opted instead to wake up unnaturally early and spend the day waiting in lines and getting sunburned.

We went to Magic Mountain, where, instead of pretending to be older than we are, as many prom-goers do, we became five-year-olds.  The time spent in lines was not wasted, as I managed to slip an entire bush’s worth of leaves into my friend’s back pockets.  We ate over-priced churros as opposed to over-priced fancy dinners.  Instead of stressing over the status of my hair, I let the wind from the roller coasters style it for me.  And I liked it.

So girls, if you find yourself without a prom date, don’t despair.  I’m not condemning prom, but you do have equally memorable – if not more entertaining – options.

(Here was a low-res scan of my “prom picture” on the Viper roller coaster.  Since this was before the days of camera phones, almost before digital cameras, I’m guessing I actually bought the photo.)


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