May 2000

Most people would consider rebellion a negative trait and honesty a positive one.  For me, it’s always been the opposite: I’ve been blessed with a slight rebellious spirit, and cursed with an acute sense of honesty.  Therefore, when I do something dumb, I usually tell my parents all about it.

Such was the case a few weeks ago, when three friends and I decided to skip class.  Now while ditching isn’t a particularly extraordinary activity, these friends and I have managed to turn it into an art form.  Whether we get free food from a family member’s  restaurant in Pacific Beach or make a documentary, we always make sure that our time not spent in class is time well spent.

This time we went to Mexico.

It was kind of by chance actually; we couldn’t decide where we wanted to go, so we just kept driving south on I-5 and sort of… ended up in another country.  We ate fried corn and fresh mangoes from roadside food carts, bought orange-flavored chapstick and a child-sized soccer jersey, practiced our Spanish… had a real cultural experience in the half-hour we were there, without any problems at all.

Then I told my parents.  And suddenly there were a lot of problems with my little expedition, more than I ever could have anticipated.  I got a 20-minute lecture on the dangers of driving into Mexico, being underage in Mexico, being female in Mexico, and a lot of other circumstances having to do with Mexico.  I told my parents that I was sorry…  Yeah, sorry I had told them.

But, I won’t go to Mexico again, now that I know the possible consequences of the endeavor.  So maybe my true confessions do benefit me in the end…  Or maybe somebody just needs to duct-tape my mouth shut.


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