October 1999

I’ve always been a self-proclaimed quiet person.  So the first time my best friend suggested we go to La Paloma’s midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I was a little intimidated.

After my friend’s closet had thrown up on us, we found ourselves a huddled mass outside the theater, awestruck by all the “freaks” who knew exactly why they were there, which we certainly did not.

One of the first things we learned during the preludes to the show was that it’s basically expected of all female teenage attendees to worship Trevor, the youngest male cast member (he’s 24), who was coincidentally wearing lingerie.  The next expectation was for the audience to yell profanities, jump around, sing, dance, throw things… anything we would never consider doing in public.  I really wasn’t that impressed by the show that night.  After all, it’s a horrible movie.

Yet, we soon found ourselves back again, with more people and less clothing.  And by the next week, we had learned what to shout and when.  We knew the songs and dances.  We “worshipped” Trevor, lingerie and all, and had actually become friends with him.  And we were given the option of joining the cast.

People wonder what we see in the event.  I myself don’t even know.  All I can say is, the timid girl I thought I was gives way once a week  to a louder, more manic person.  I’ve made new friends – who do not wear lingerie on a normal basis.  And there’s always the element of rebellion – no parents love the idea of their child dressing like a “freak” and cursing at a screen until all hours of the morning.

But in truth the experience is harmless.  The rules, shouted out before each show, clearly state that no substance abuse will be tolerated inside the theater.  Non-acting cast members serve as security guards in the audience.  It’s good, (almost) clean fun.

The people there are completely non-judgmental: the way you look, how you act, what you say, how old you are… none of it matters.  You can be who you want to be without having to worry what others will think.  I’ve actually noticed that, since becoming a regular at Rocky, I’ve become more confident in my daily life.  And we could all use a little confidence.

So I do suggest everyone give it a try.  Both my freshman brother and my dad have seen the show.  It’s every Friday at midnight and Oct. 29-31 at midnight for Halloween.  You don’t have to dress up, but it really is an exhilarating feeling.  Pure freedom, I mean.


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