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Understanding and acceptance

If things had worked out differently, my baby would be two today. Incidentally, my maternal grandfather would be 98 today.  I never met him, either. But things didn’t work out differently.  I lost that pregnancy on account of a blighted … Continue reading

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“Dear Journal… Hi, it’s me Doug…..”

(Ten points to anyone who can name that cartoon!) This blog project ends in 24 hours.  My girlfriend has spent nine months sitting in front of a computer everyday, expressing thoughts, feelings, and insights about a time that wasn’t wanted, … Continue reading

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Today in therapy, we were supposed to talk about the impending end of this project, how I feel about it, what it means, what happens next.  Instead, I came in with a migraine (which I still have, five hours later) … Continue reading

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Harsh truths, part 2 of 2

A continuation of this post, responding to an article my mom printed out for me several years ago. 5. Getting your way is usually not as important as finding a way to work together. Reading this truth, I keep thinking … Continue reading

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Harsh truths, part 1 of 2

I’ve had this article hanging out in my piles of papers for months now – maybe even longer, according to the date my mom printed it for me: 11/19/2008.  It’s a Redbook article that was featured on WebMD: “8 Things … Continue reading

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Friday night

I’ve got some good stuff ahead of me. See, I happen to be shacking up with a man whose entire family was born in the month of April – or at least it seems that way, judging by the amount … Continue reading

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The dinner party

Last night I mentioned that we were having a bunch of friends over for dinner.  “A bunch of friends” really only meant two other couples, who had met each other once, briefly, and whose connection to each other is only … Continue reading

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