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I set this thing up, from its very conception (note the word choice) to be a gestation.  I gave it an eight-and-a-half-month timeline, with a clear date of when I could expect it to be over.  As I’ve mentioned before, … Continue reading

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This week will be the second time in my life I’ve done some kind of a body cleansing/detox program. The first time was a few weeks after my D&C, because the pregnancy hormones in my body had thrown my whole … Continue reading

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To answer your question…

In honor of April being National Infertility Awareness Month, I thought I might attempt to answer the one question I’m being asked a lot lately… Q: You know you’re not infertile, right?! A: Yes, I do know that.  However… I … Continue reading

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The dinner party

Last night I mentioned that we were having a bunch of friends over for dinner.  “A bunch of friends” really only meant two other couples, who had met each other once, briefly, and whose connection to each other is only … Continue reading

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I don’t even know where to start with this…  But between the post title and that first line, I guess it’s best to start by reassuring everyone that nobody else is pregnant. I’ll start with a background story.  Once upon a … Continue reading

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Something a little more comfortable

This afternoon, after the zoo, after lunch, after my therapy appointment, Doug and I picked up his sisters from school and went to his mom’s house for dinner.  Not wanting to sit around on Doug’s mom’s couch after I’d just spent an … Continue reading

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About face

I first met my esthetician/friend Tara when I was a few months shy of getting married, and she was working out of a pretty little spa room in my gym.  As a bride, at the time I thought it was … Continue reading

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