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Every little thing, is gonna be alright

I have that song stuck in my head, and I don’t even like Bob Marley.  But I’ve been surprising myself today with the thought that maybe, just maybe, I’m going to turn out just fine. First, I was at work, … Continue reading

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Pregnancy and loss (but not pregnancy loss)

So, to finally get to the point of my post yesterday, which was about me being a friend-collector and never wanting to say goodbye to or grow apart from anyone…  Somewhere along this road, I made pregnancy synonymous with friendship … Continue reading

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Impulse control

I’m sitting at my mom’s “desk” (kitchen table), typing on her laptop.  I’m exhausted: last night’s poetic elegance has all been washed away as a result of going to bed at midnight and waking up at…  5:11 a.m., eleven minutes … Continue reading

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About face

I first met my esthetician/friend Tara when I was a few months shy of getting married, and she was working out of a pretty little spa room in my gym.  As a bride, at the time I thought it was … Continue reading

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“Unfortunate Turn of Events”

I got an email from my friend Amanda this morning, with the title of this post as its subject line. For those of you who are new, or visiting, or forgetful readers, Amanda is one of my best friends.  We’ve … Continue reading

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Another one bites the dust

Not more than two weeks ago, a couple of my blog friends (Doug doesn’t like me to call them my “fake friends”) and I were having an email conversation about how we would react if/when one of us got pregnant.  … Continue reading

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I think I’m being tortured tested. I’ve been inundated with non-essential pregnancy talk this week – that is, I keep being party to, or overhearing, conversations about strangers’ pregnancies; when the expecting parent in question is someone I actually know, … Continue reading

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