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Harsh truths, part 1 of 2

I’ve had this article hanging out in my piles of papers for months now – maybe even longer, according to the date my mom printed it for me: 11/19/2008.  It’s a Redbook article that was featured on WebMD: “8 Things … Continue reading

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Hate the wait; love the now

It appears I’ve forgotten a big part of what I’m doing here. Lately, I’ve gotten so caught up in hating the wait – which was already a given, from the very first day I started writing made the decision not … Continue reading

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Although an occasional slamming can be fun…

Today, I called the psychic and made an appointment for myself and Carrie on Saturday, March 12th.  Check. Then I called the vet and scheduled checkups for all four rabbits this Thursday morning.  Check. That was enough phone productivity for … Continue reading

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But who’s counting?

Twenty-three days post-IUD-removal, and figured it’s time for another TMI update on my cycles and my sex life.  Maybe it’s not appropriate to keep coming back here, but I find the whole thing really, really fascinating. First item of business: I … Continue reading

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Now that it’s February…

There’s no good way to lead into this, so I’m just going to come out and admit it: I love Valentine’s Day. Oh, I didn’t used to.  I mean, it was cool in elementary school, when we would buy boxes … Continue reading

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Century Club

I feel like my posts lately have all been about funerals and extramarital affairs.  So while talking to a friend earlier, about how I was planning on writing about this article my mom clipped out for me, headlined, “Mood improves … Continue reading

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Sunday pout-fest

I am sitting here pouting and eating all the peanut M&Ms, because Doug just left to go to Target, and I’ve been given the next 40 minutes to “do my blog and get ready to leave.”  (We’re going up to … Continue reading

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