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Every little thing, is gonna be alright

I have that song stuck in my head, and I don’t even like Bob Marley.  But I’ve been surprising myself today with the thought that maybe, just maybe, I’m going to turn out just fine. First, I was at work, … Continue reading

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Hate the wait; love the now

It appears I’ve forgotten a big part of what I’m doing here. Lately, I’ve gotten so caught up in hating the wait – which was already a given, from the very first day I started writing made the decision not … Continue reading

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Getting it, and getting through it

First, team, for anyone who selected “Other” and wrote in a response for the polls on yesterday’s post, I wasn’t able to read those write-in answers.  And I really want to know what they are, so if you haven’t already, … Continue reading

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Mrs. Lee

In late 2006, just a few weeks before my ex and I were to get married in the eyes of the state (the church wedding would come later), I went up to Los Angeles to spend a weekend with my … Continue reading

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Spiritual beauty

I have been reading Anne Lamott this week.*  I love her writing: it is so smart, and so funny, and so self-deprecating.  I know I’m up against a lot of Twilight fans here, but I stand firm in my belief … Continue reading

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Left off

“I have this friend who says that she just does whatever her energy tells her to do – whether it’s paint a table or work at a non-profit – until the energy for that particular thing stops.  Then she waits for her … Continue reading

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When I have been croyante

There has been an influx of posts about spirituality in my corner of the blogosphere these past few days, and I feel like I have to say my piece as well.  In the past six months (to the day – … Continue reading

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