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Commitment-phobic, a continuation

Doug is watching Happy Feet. We’re supposed to be cutting our cable – actually, we were supposed to do it weeks ago – in order to be able to afford another year’s worth of Disneyland passes.  We also realized that … Continue reading

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Screw the question, just pop my bubble

The other night, Doug asked me to make him a Christmas list.  There’s not a lot of material things I want right now, but I tried to think of things I wouldn’t be able to justify buying for myself: cozy … Continue reading

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Reunion #2: Stephanie

It was a weekend of ten-year reunions. My senior year in high school, I met and made friends with a sophomore from a different school.  Stephanie was tiny, blonde, and naïve.  She had a high-pitched voice and was incredibly physically … Continue reading

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Reunion #1: high school

Oh, man, the high school reunion.  I had built this thing up in my mind, thinking people were going to judge me for not having a husband or babies or a high-powered career.  I had insisted to everyone, even to … Continue reading

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Self-imposed sex therapy, part two

When it comes to sex, I told my therapist, I feel tied up, shut down, closed off. For a while there, after the miscarriage, I’d been unable to enjoy sex at all.  I would tell myself to do it, tell … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

I have so many beautiful memories of this day. For my “first Thanksgiving,” when I was living in France, I cooked the traditional meal from scratch – including the turkey – using only a two-burner electric hotplate and a convection … Continue reading

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Self-imposed sex therapy, part one

I kept my word: yesterday afternoon, when my therapist asked me what I wanted to talk about, I told her I wanted to talk about sex.  I explained everything I’ve explained here: my feelings about sex, my reactions to it … Continue reading

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