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Flexing my resilience muscle

I was sitting in the breakroom at work one day last week, when a headline in the paper caught my eye.  “Mood improves when the going gets tough,” it read, and I thought, “What is this bullshit?”* Apparently, this so-called … Continue reading

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Century Club

I feel like my posts lately have all been about funerals and extramarital affairs.  So while talking to a friend earlier, about how I was planning on writing about this article my mom clipped out for me, headlined, “Mood improves … Continue reading

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Before I begin: apparently that law of attraction stuff really works.  Last week, I wished to be less tied to technology.  This morning, I dropped my seven-year-old Mac laptop on the kitchen floor, and um, it definitely doesn’t work anymore. … Continue reading

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Another weird dream

I really wish I had written last night’s dream down as soon as I woke up this morning, which is what you’re supposed to do if you actually give a fuck about what your dreams might mean.  But I didn’t, … Continue reading

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I mentioned once here that, although I know I want to have kids, and I know I want to be with Doug, I still admire the conviction of women who can say, “I want to have his baby” (and maybe … Continue reading

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Necessary evil

As I so rarely do, I walked into therapy yesterday with a plan: I wanted to talk about that divorcing couple I know, and how their experience is forcing me to think about my own. “It’s almost like I feel … Continue reading

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I went to bed early last night, because Doug had to wake up at 3:30 for work, and I’m always up for going to bed early.  This, of course, resulted in me being wide awake at 7 a.m., an hour … Continue reading

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