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This week will be the second time in my life I’ve done some kind of a body cleansing/detox program. The first time was a few weeks after my D&C, because the pregnancy hormones in my body had thrown my whole … Continue reading

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To answer your question…

In honor of April being National Infertility Awareness Month, I thought I might attempt to answer the one question I’m being asked a lot lately… Q: You know you’re not infertile, right?! A: Yes, I do know that.  However… I … Continue reading

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I’ve been noticing, these past few months, that I’ve started to really “own” a lot of parts of my life I used to think merited secretiveness.  Like the two-year relationship I had with another girl’s boyfriend while I was in … Continue reading

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Quitting cold-turkey (TMI warning)

Four weeks later, I’ve finally figured out what I should have given up for Lent.  And I never would have believed I’d be writing an entire post on this subject, but here we are. I was talking to a friend … Continue reading

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Pregnancy and loss (but not pregnancy loss)

So, to finally get to the point of my post yesterday, which was about me being a friend-collector and never wanting to say goodbye to or grow apart from anyone…  Somewhere along this road, I made pregnancy synonymous with friendship … Continue reading

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Impulse control

I’m sitting at my mom’s “desk” (kitchen table), typing on her laptop.  I’m exhausted: last night’s poetic elegance has all been washed away as a result of going to bed at midnight and waking up at…  5:11 a.m., eleven minutes … Continue reading

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Getting it, and getting through it

First, team, for anyone who selected “Other” and wrote in a response for the polls on yesterday’s post, I wasn’t able to read those write-in answers.  And I really want to know what they are, so if you haven’t already, … Continue reading

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